The Legato is undoubtedly, the best bang for the buck within its category. Yet, to say that the Legato is an entry level massage chair is a serious understatement. Fully loaded with the same features as high end luxury competitors, the Legato packs function and power, and at under $3000, it’s a no brainer! uKnead strives to provide the best value and quality, the Legato is the perfect statement.


Head to Glutes L-Track Technology

A truly unforgettable performance, the Legato’s SL-track design hugs the neck and shoulder contour while providing the same extended stroke range of L-track chairs. Allowing for a sensational deep tissue massage experience for the entire body, leaving you fully relaxed and rejuvenated.


Beauty and Brains

The Legato is a hybrid between our Furniture Line and Therapeutic Line, apart from its full range of advanced features, its aesthetically pleasing and avant-garde capsule design allows seamless integration into modern and contemporary home designs.


Zero Gravity

The most ergonomically correct position allows for complete relaxation of back muscles, facilitating the massage therapy.


Space Saving Slider

The Legato has a space saving feature which allows the chair to be placed just 1’ from the wall, instead of 3’ as with conventional chairs.


AccuRoll Body Detection

Through body detection, the chair learns where your shoulders are and focuses on performing pre-determined functions on specific areas.


Full Air Enclosure

Air cells are placed strategically throughout the chair to completely engulf the body. Shaped like a cocoon, the Legato offers a sense of primitive comfort, allowing the user to be hugged and cradled by the rhythm of air massage.


Soothing Heat

Gentle heating provides an added layer of comfort during the massage therapy. Much like hot stone massage, the heat facilitates circulation and the efficacy of the massage in general.


Invigorating Foot Massage

Uniquely shaped nodes are designed specifically for foot reflexology massage. The strategically placed dynamic rollers provide just the right amount of pressure to the soles for a soothing relaxation.


Plug and Play

The Legato arrives pre-assembled in one piece. Simply remove from box and plug into an outlet to enjoy!


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